These are some nasty ass figures.

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Last night, I was able to come to some of my people with great news. One of the survivors I spoke with on a steady basis on my domestic violence board was able to get out. She is free. She made it.

When I tell you I cheered out loud…

This is, unbelievably, what the state of South Carolina deems to be of utmost importance with the state of the world as it is today.

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Let me begin by saying, I very nearly penned this as an open letter to Republican Senator Katrina Shealy, who has traded her V card to be a member of the Biffs. Thank you, Katrina Shealy, for speaking out and ensuring that the women of South Carolina are going back…

And the fact that this is still a legitimate problem that can be ranked is vile.

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We like to believe that, as women, overall, we have really kicked a dent in this life. We’re getting shit done, we’re narrowing the wage gap, we’re just as educated as our male counterparts.

We can own property, vote, get a divorce, obtain custody of our children, work in essentially…

April Hawkins, Ask A Bitchface

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